About Us

Welcome to the website of Sennen Bernese Mountain dogs! My name is David May; my wife Gail and I live on a small rural property approximately 35 kilometres  from Perth, the capital city of Western Australia.

We have resided here since 1980. Our adult children grew up here with their horses, dogs and birds; animals have always been part of our lives.

our home Wanneroo just north of Perth Western Australia

Our involvement in breeding has not been confined to Bernese Mountain dogs. In the early 1980’s we bred Jack Russell Terriers for a short time before shifting our direction towards ponies and establishing the Meadow springs Shetland Pony Stud in 1985. There have been many ‘Champions’ and ‘Supreme Exhibits’ bred and exhibited by us; more notably ‘Meadow Springs La Rose’ who is the only Shetland pony ever to have been sashed the Australian Pony Book Society’s ‘Supreme of Supremes’ at the Perth Royal Agricultural Show.

pony 1

Whilst exhibiting our ponies at the Perth Royal Show in 1994 we saw our first Bernese Mountain dogs and at that point Gail and I fell in love with the breed. Two years later, after considerable research about the breed, our first Bernese puppy ‘Makker Nordic Saga’ arrived and that was to be the commencement of our love affair with this breed and the registering of the ‘Sennen’ prefix with the Canine Association of Western Australia.

In 2002 the pony stud was closed to allocate the time necessary to our Berner show team.

Although all Berners are beautiful, not all possess the qualities (orthopedic, health and temperament) necessary to go on and produce the next generation. It is our aim at Sennen Bernese is to breed Bernese Mountain dogs with the correct type (i.e. the look), soundness (orthopedic, health and structure) and most importantly temperament (mentality).

James and Tas-Bernerdales Qantas Bernese Mountain dog of sound temperament

To achieve the best possible results Gail and I have worked with local and overseas breeders and have travelled to America, Canada, Scandinavia and Europe visiting breeders and attending the major breed shows with the sole purpose of searching for possible new blood lines that will improve our kennel and intern improve this wonderful breed and the gene pool here in Australia.

Not all of the dogs in our breeding program live with us, we are very grateful to our friends for their contribution towards our breeding program and show team.

Please take time to visit our site and view our dogs. We welcome questions and enjoy sharing information.

David and Gail.